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We are Aya Audio, a small in-ears monitors lab founded in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Our products are handcrafted with passion and care, aiming for the highest degree in sound, aesthetic and design. We strive to satisfy music lovers and beauty-seekers by delivering great artistry in craftsmanship & musicality

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Aya Siren

“AYA Audio intended to make an IEM that is pleasurably characterized by a high amount of clarity, blended with a natural timbre and balanced tuning. If you are a Jazz lover, a lover of Classical music, Chamber, trios, and anything that involves acoustic sources and music, then you, in particular, will like these for certain.”- Louis Gonzalez, Editor of Headfonics

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Aya Yk-1 Nightingale

“The YK1 truly punches above its fiscal weight and could well be considered a bargain. Rare times indeed in this often high priced hobby of ours.” – Marcus Downey, Founder of Headfonics

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Aya SA-01 Silver

“The earpiece materials are probably the most eye-catching element of this IEM. These shells are made of 925 pure silver which looks great, feels great.Staging and imaging are pretty darn good for a 2BA IEM. I said “for a 2BA IEM”, but it’s still up to par even without the handicap.”-Paul, founder of AboutAudio

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